Integrated Wealth management

Wealth management players need new and scalable ways to nurture personalized, convenient, and human-centered client relationship experiences to capture present and future growth. The time to transform your business is now.

New customer expectations around technology and easy access to data, and ever-higher demands for a seamless and simplified customer experience are raising the bar high for wealth management firms. And with increasing complexity in the regulatory environment, a fierce talent war, and rising ESG expectations, firms may face increasing cost structures while finding revenue growth at risk.

How can wealth managers best achieve long-term growth? Capgemini has identified five strategic focus areas, highlighted below, where we can help wealth management clients transform to a more efficient, sustainable, and digital business model.

World Wealth Report 2023

Unlock growth in wealth management: Empowering relationship managers and serving the affluent.

How can we help

Explore new segments and ecosystems to stabilize revenue base; change to an open, flexible organization around a hub-and-spoke model.

Capgemini helps financial institutions reinvent their core business model by strengthening customer experience from the front end to the back end, with innovative, digital solutions. We can help you increase profitability through more efficient strategy execution and operations. And our capabilities across the wealth management value chain also allow firms to meet the needs of new customer segments, generating additional revenue streams and increasing market share.

Ideate smooth and branded user experience journeys across all channels; a transition to human-centered touch points will be critical.

Wealth management customers and bankers are leveraging technology to simplify processes and to provide immediate access to information in all areas across the customer life cycle. Capgemini designs a seamless, digital experience for multi-channel, multi-device, and face-to-face client experiences. We will help you deploy new tools for better digital interactions, including digitizing documents and facilitating e-signatures.

Our leading innovation and design agency can develop best-in-class omni-channel user interfaces, touch points, and journeys – fully integrating the digital user experience for the wealth management client, the banker, and third-party partners.

Augment advisor productivity with data-driven insights, and deploy functionalities to enable hybrid advice.

The bar is constantly being raised by high net-worth customers. Capgemini implements innovative customer relationship management and customer lifecycle management solutions – focusing on improved and comprehensive IT-front office platforms — that improve sales tracking, enhance customer onboarding, and make smart Know-Your-Customer and AI-driven recommendations. We can also help enhance your portfolio management platform through a comprehensive set of computation engines.

Go beyond net-zero goals to shape the organization’s ESG ambitions, and implement capabilities to embed ESG along the investment management process.

The movement towards sustainability and ESG investing is rapidly gaining momentum, spurred on by industry players, increasing client pressures, and even regulatory changes. Capgemini works with wealth managers to commit to a net zero strategy and ESG-aligned new business model and enable monitoring and results reporting through a solid data foundation.

To move quickly and embed sustainability along the entire investment process, we offer ready to deploy assets like an ESG datahub, ESG dashboards, and access to an ecosystem of data and platform partners, supported by a dedicated regulatory watch team.

Assemble the private bank you want with cybersecurity as a top IT priority; foster collaboration for innovation with ecosystem partners.

Financial services firms are looking for alternatives to costly, complex, and time-consuming technology transformation. Capgemini can help you choose and implement the right model – a full shared platform WaaS with low customization, a hybrid WaaS comprised of off-the-shelf solutions and co-constructed bespoke satellites, or even a tailor-made private WaaS – for your business.

In addition to quickly enabling superior customer journeys, this service can be deployed to deliver tangible added value in quick steps, rather than over a long horizon before any benefits are realized.

Meet our experts

Nilesh Vaidya

Global Head of Banking and Capital Markets practice

Marie Wattez

Global Head of Private Banking & Wealth Management

Maxime Gaudin

Head, Wealth & Asset Management Practice

Tatiana Collins

Head of Financial Services, Capgemini Invent Asia

Carina Schaurte

Head of Financial Services, Capgemini Invent, Switzerland

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