Learning at Capgemini

We, at Capgemini, pride ourselves at being an employee-centric organization that believes in nurturing our employees throughout their career with us, starting from the time they are hired. We develop and enhance their skill sets, in alignment to our brand values, which not only contribute to their learning but also ensure a healthy talent retention rate in the organization. We consistently motivate them to achieve the optimal business outcomes for our clients in a highly competitive marketplace that is driven by ever changing technological innovation. Group Learning & Development (Group L&D) is our initiative towards preparing our employees to be perceptive to our clients’ business needs.

L&D undertakes an extensive range of structured learning programs, right from College Hires program to Upskilling program for laterals and Emerging Technologies to Managerial Development. We are equipped with over 100 training rooms at locations across India – Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Gandhinagar, Chennai, Noida and Hyderabad.

College Hires

We hold a 12-week College Hire program, especially customized for the entry-level and B.Sc. IT graduates, who have been freshly hired through campus and off-campus recruitment, post the completion of their academic course. The rigorous sets of technical modules, which the new hires have to undergo, prepare them for deployment in a project after they have successfully completed the program.

Emerging Technologies

We realize the need to acquaint our employees to the most recent technological innovations for them to contribute to the business efficiencies of our clients. Our Learning Framework Program handholds and prepares them for certifications, in accordance to the following:

Our University Programs

A Business Priority Week (BPW) comprises of University classroom learning programs and other activities that closely focus on a specific Business Priority of our Group. Through this program, we acquaint our employees to tackle a live business challenge from one of the Group key clients through a unified team effort, using their collective brainpower, crowd sourcing techniques and experience of solving business problems of clients. This Group program fosters the ability to understand different languages, instills the expertise to interpret the Group’s capabilities and business directions, and instills team spirit among the diverse professionals.

Managerial Development Program

Our University global curriculum framework is tailor-made to address our employees basis their core competencies, role specific competencies and leadership competencies. However, we are well aware that of the compelling need of a specialized learning catalogue for Managers and Senior Managers to mould them not solely for their existing role but also prepare them for future leadership positions that they will hold in the organization.

Tech Prime

Tech Prime is an integral part of our skill-building program that seeks to initiate and update our employees to the emerging digital skills by 2018. This focuses on the key areas of Big Data, Digital, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and DevOps.

Jump Start

We introduce our employees to the digital learning journey through our ten Corporate Open Online Courses (COOCs) across areas such as Big Data, Cloud, Security, Digital and more.

Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting initiates our employees to an extensive range of performance improvement facilities as opposed to the dedicated learning programs that they had been initiated to till now. It trains them to measure performance improvements in individuals and in account metrics basis a time bound intervention process in the engagement.

Role Based Training

This program has been designed by the Community and Our University for Software Engineers, Business Analysts, Architects, Engagement Managers, Infrastructure Professionals and Sales Professionals, with a specialized module for professionals in each of these roles. This aims at familiarizing our employees to the basics of their individual role, its best practices, challenges and solutions.

Upskilling Program

We assist our employees to overcome the gap in their technical skills, improve on their existing skill sets and inspire them to achieve higher. The program is attuned to the demands of each of their existing roles and project lifecycles to motivate to achieve maximum productivity.

The drastic shift in landscape, driven by technological innovation and disruption, has changed the way enterprises do businesses. Digital transformation has compelled them to take a relook at their business strategies. Simply staying buoyant in the competitive marketplace is passé. We, at Capgemini, understand the rapidly changing business needs of our clients, and adapt to the emerging technological trends to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve. The video below presents a deeper insight into how organizations can deliver sustained growth to clients by training employees in the three dominant principles.

Want to be a part of the team of 200,000 team members in over 40 countries with numerous learning opportunities?

Featured Testimonials

Rosemary Stark, Chief Sales Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee

“We get our results through our people, and people are absolutely at the heart of our business. I genuinely believe that if we help our people perform and develop, then we will excel in our business.”

Emma Harris, Senior Security Consultant

“For Cybersecurity, where I work, it’s important to stay current on changing regulations and things that are happening in the industry, and Capgemini provides learning opportunities not only online, but also in person at events such as TalentX.”

Sadheesh Kumar Palaniswamy, Operation Manager

“Capgemini is one such company that gives you a chance to explore in all areas. I came from a completely different background, but I was still able to develop myself in a new sector.”

Our learning landscape

Our learning & development

  • Supports learner and business needs
  • Aligns to business demand and forecasts
  • Develops both hard and soft skills
  • Focuses on employee development
  • Puts clients at the heart of everything

Our digital learning experiences

  • Flexible, personalized learning journeys
  • Intuitive and collaborative tools
  • Accessible from anywhere at anytime
  • Sourced learning content from external experts
  • Industry recognized courses and certifications

Our physical learning experiences

  • World-class facilities in France, India, & N. America
  • Flips the traditional classroom
  • Collaborative and innovative learning
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Chance to solve business challenges