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Capgemini Engineering Recruitment Drives

The mission of Capgemini Software Product Engineering (SPE) is to bring our combination of advanced technology skills and a technology start-up mindset to help research and engineering organizations at established companies. We help clients dramatically transform from legacy technologies to cloud-native and digital-first platforms and infrastructure.

Our services enable clients to move at rapid scale, leveraging modern, bleeding-edge technology to accelerate new product development within established industries. Capgemini SPE helps clients decrease time-to-market from years down to months or even weeks.

We collaborate closely with our clients’ engineering organizations to transform them from bottlenecks to growth drivers. Our clients are driven to develop the most disruptive and impressive products and services. We share this passion–it’s what we were built for.

Footprint & Market Drivers

Our teams work on core product development involving challenging, leading-edge technologies. We partner with clients to develop everything from massive, petabyte-scale data pipelines to microservices architectures serving hundreds of billions of requests at Internet scale.

We follow software product development from the very beginning, when it’s just an idea on a paper. From there, we turn it into definition, where it’s something more concrete, then into the prototype of minimum lovable/valuable product. At this stage, when it’s somewhat functional, we move into core implementation.

Next, the product becomes accessible by end users in production mode and then moves to efficient scaling, when the product is exposed to millions of users.

During this journey we introduce the required skills in strategy, design and data to provide a holistic view, even for the most complex products that have many moving parts in many domains. By leveraging our industry and compliance experience, we can develop sophisticated multi-modal products in highly regulated industries such as Life Sciences or Automotive.

Technology for us is a means, not the goal. Leveraging our experience of working on building actual technologies we help our clients navigate technology waves that use emerging technologies to make a business impact.

Service Offerings

Engineering Services: Our engineering teams consist of elite technical talent and experienced managers. Our engineers not only demonstrate strong technical ability, but are also innovative, critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Consulting & Advisory: With leading-edge technology consulting and advisory services, we help clients stay ahead of changes like the cloud-native revolution, the evolution of PaaS, FaaS and edge computing, and the rise of AI and machine learning.

What is in for you

In today’s world, change is a constant factor. Leveraging the positive potential of change is what Capgemini Engineering is all about. Innovation is our guiding principle – an inspiration that brings Capgemini Engineering to life and gives meaning to everything we do. By choosing Capgemini Engineering, you will get a chance to work in International projects, Multi-sector expertise, Focus on Innovation and R&D, Cutting-edge technologies, and work for the World leader in Engineering and R&D Services.

Developing your knowledge and skills is a constant and essential part of your experience at Capgemini Engineering. Our training (Capgemini Training Academy) plan is designed to address your individual needs: it includes Technology, Languages, Project and Team management, Business Development, and Personal Development. Also, our internal job posting (IJP) process is designed for career advancement that provides ample opportunities within Capgemini Group.

SkillExpLocationJob Link
AI ML- NLP Engineer4 to 16 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
AIML – Computer Vision Engineer4 to 16 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
Java Microservices4 to 10 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
Python, Web Services, SQL3 to 5 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
DevOps, Dockers, Kubernetes4 to 10 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible4 to 12 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
React.JS, Javascript4 to 8 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
C#,, MVC, Angular, Flutter3 to 12 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
Mobile App Development (Android/Kotlin)4 to 10 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
SDET , QA Automation Testing4 to 10 yearsPan IndiaApply Now
Node.js3 to 8 yearsPan IndiaApply Now

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Recruitment Disclaimer

Capgemini neither charges any fee, nor requires any money deposits from job seekers at any stage of recruitment nor collect any fees from educational institutions for participation in a recruitment event. Read More