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10 Reasons to Join Capgemini

A career at Capgemini is rewarding and constantly transforming. Here are the top ten reasons why people love working at Capgemini.

  1. Your values are our valuesWe’re guided by seven core values: honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty, and fun. If you share those values, then you’ll find your place with us.
  2. People come firstThrough our People Charter, we encourage free exchange of ideas, respect for differences, and wellbeing in the workplace for everyone.
  3. Never stop learningAt the Capgemini Group University, you’ll learn via classroom-based and virtual courses, e-learning modules and rich-media online resources.
  4. Feel free to growOver the course of your career, your goals may shift. Want to change your focus? Switch tracks? We’re here to help.
  5. Get inspired by your colleaguesOur cultural diversity means you’ll always have something to learn from those around you.
  6. Forget the notion of the “typical day”Challenge and variety are constants here. From the work you do to the people you meet to the places you travel, we’ll keep you on your toes.
  7. Strike a balance that works for youYou’re human—and so are we! We strive to make sure our employees achieve a healthy, happy work-life balance.
  8. Count on us for career growthWe’re always growing and so should you. We prioritize the personal development of our team members with our Capgemini Group University.
  9. Your Love for TravelWe have 300 offices in 40 countries around the world. You’ll have opportunities to travel or work in different locations.
  10. Dig in your first dayWhether you join us as a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, you’ll start to work directly on challenging projects from day one.

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