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industrial metaverse

Creating the immersive workplace of the future

The industrial metaverse represents a significant opportunity to improve the operational, manufacturing and supply chain processes throughout a product’s lifecycle. It’s a strategic economic shift that will generate new business potential in every sector.

We see a significant opportunity for using metaverse capabilities in a variety of sectors, including construction, engineering, manufacturing and supply chains. As part of our Intelligent Industry concept, we combine the collaboration of the next-gen digital twins at various levels, the internet of twins, with the development of realistic and immersive remote virtual interactions, leveraging IoT and AI.

This means we will be able to recreate the feeling of being on-site or in the workplace, facilitating design, simulation, testing, training, or even remote operations. It will provide more realistic collaboration with colleagues in different locations, as well as capabilities to remotely interact with machinery, various assets, and environments.

Before investing budget and diving into the digital version of a physical world, it’s important to explore and visualize the type of experiences the organization should deliver that could enhance key stages in an operational supply chain, to help companies understand the options – including workplace visualization and design, health and safety training, and work team collaboration. 

    The future of industry is intelligent

    The new era of digital transformation is here. At Capgemini we call this intelligent industry.

    Digital continuity for a seamless transition

    Unleash the promise of end-to-end digital continuity across the entire product lifecycle.