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Capgemini And Pasqal

The partnership to transform quantum conundrums into quantum capabilities

Traditional computing methods are often insufficient for solving complex, non-binary problems. Our partnership brings together deep industry expertise and advanced quantum technologies to integrate quantum solutions into High Performance Computing workflows. Together, we empower businesses to harness quantum solutions, accelerating their ability to tackle complex challenges efficiently and sustainably, giving them a competitive edge in a changing technological landscape.

“Pasqal is an industry leader in neutral atom technology, a fast-developing and promising computing platform, which can enable organizations to address today’s business challenges in a revolutionary way.”

Pascal Brier, Chief Innovation Officer at Capgemini and member of the Group Executive Committee. 

Introducing Pasqal

Pasqal is a pioneer in quantum computing, known for creating innovative quantum processors using neutral atoms arranged in 2D and 3D structures. Pasqal’s technology is set to revolutionize various industries. With breakthrough solutions such as accelerating drug discovery and optimizing asset portfolios, they aren’t just participating, they’re leading, propelling us towards a future where quantum solutions transform everyday life and global industries.

Why we are partners

We see the future in quantum technology and its potential to solve what seems unsolvable today. From accelerating business growth to simplifying complex data computations, gaining productivity and efficiency, and securing a tangible competitive advantage, the opportunities are endless.

As two global leaders, we are committed to creating an ecosystem where advanced quantum solutions drive sustainable change. Pasqal’s quantum processors offer a promosing opportunity for tangible near-term outcomes, helping businesses to address their most pressing challenges. Together with Pasqal, we aim to guide customers through the quantum landscape, enabling them to harness and leverage this cutting-edge technology effectively, accelerate innovation, and remain at the forefront of their respective industries.

The partnership builds on the established collaboration of Capgemini and Pasqal, as part of the EQUALITY consortium, allowing us to support customers with an unrivalled agile quantum ecosystem that incorporates our existing expertise and Q-Lab offering, as well as our IBM Quantum Hub partnership. Capgemini then became a strategic investor in Pasqal through Capgemini Ventures’ CVC fund.

“We are proud to partner with a global leader like Capgemini that shares our vision for advancing quantum technologies and sustainability.”

Georges Reymond, CEO, Pasqal

What we love about Pasqal

Quantum innovation with Pasqal

Elevating solutions with sector-specific quantum applications

Impact across key industries

Advancing Life Sciences, Financial Services, Energy, and Utilities

Accelerating breakthrough solutions

Driving drug discovery, sustainable energy, and asset portfolio optimization

Commited to a greener planet

Showcasing our dedication through the Blaise Pascal Challenge

Unleash breakthrough quantum solutions across Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Energy Transition. Accelerate drug discovery, optimize asset portfolios, increase grid management and power load prediction, and much more. Together, we’re unlocking quantum computing’s true potential, propelling businesses to industry leadership.

Exciting? Absolutely. Transformative? Without a doubt.

Learn more about our startup partnership with Pasqal.