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Everything is becoming connected. Are your products? It’s time to switch your business strategy model from traditional products to next generation smart connected products and services. Don’t get left behind.

Take advantage of connectivity, including 5G, along with low-cost compute and cloud, advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics to enable richer, hyper-personalized services. There’s a big prize up for grabs if you can successfully connect your products and services to deliver a differentiated connected customer experience. But making the pivot is complex. It demands new business models, customer research, organizational change, new ecosystem partnerships, and digital proficiency.

Where do you start?

Capgemini Invent can help. We are a leader in sustainable breakthrough product innovation, co-creating next generation services and business models that delight customers and disrupt markets. We deliver end-to-end product lifecycle services, from concept to market, underpinned by full stack design and development capabilities.

We leverage our family of world-class brands bringing human-centered design from frog that wins hearts and move markets, innovative connected hardware solutions and breakthrough innovation and R&D from Cambridge Consultants. Combined with Capgemini Engineering’s broad expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we help clients embrace innovation and deliver an end-to-end transformation to get the future they want at speed and scale.

Our approach

  • Beyond the Car: Transformed in car experience through the “function on demand” concept, which provide individualized on-demand vehicle services
  • EV ready: Defined the future playing field for the charging network ecosystem and Electric Vehicle (EV) battery health monitoring to support broader adoption of EVs
  • Data Monetization: Turned automotive data into a new aftermarket service for a leading OEM and major insurer, leading to an improved relationship with the driver as well as bigger discounts
  • Retrofit Vehicle Connector: Designed connected services for used cars, and derived the requirements around sensors, hardware, and software that a retrofit solution needs to fulfill

  • Physical & Digital Experience: Enabled magical moments for park visitors through smart wearables that delivered curated experiences and frictionless commerce, resulting in increased loyalty and spend.
  • Physical & Digital Experience: Enabled magical moments for park visitors through smart wearables that delivered curated experiences and frictionless commerce, resulting in increased loyalty and spend.
  • Adaptive Learning in Action: Optimized product fit through AI, connectivity, and engineering to enhance athletic performance.
  • Smart Sensing: Combined new sensing and AI techniques to monitor pet health for early intervention

  • Improved Health Outcomes: Developed a state of the art insulin pump for real time monitoring of patient’s glucose values and automatic provision of accurate insulin dosage.
  • Lower Cost of Care: Developed monitoring device and platform to enable early warning detection through data consolidation & analysis, enabling early interventions and avoidance of costly ER visits.
  • Fertility Monitoring: Developed next generation fertility tracking bracelet bringing in industrial design, data science, firmware, testing and manufacturing that helps women monitor their cycles.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Developed new product platform to automate manual processes in context of clinical trials for reduced analysis time and errors.

Client stories

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