Thriving on Data

The corporate IQ depends on data. Data from many different sources – outside and inside the enterprise, people, things – in all sort of structures or “un-structures,” in hardly conceivable volumes, coming in at yet unseen speeds.

Technology innovations from the open-source community have created what the entire world has come to know as big data. As major providers have integrated these new capabilities as a commodity in their platforms – getting rid of the limitations of previous data estates – it’s fair to say that all data is now “Big,” hence no reason anymore to emphasize. So it’s official: bye-bye, big data.

Combine all of it in a platform with cloud delivery, powerful self-service tools, advanced visualization, fully automated data pipelines, plus cognitive support, and Business Intelligence and Analytics get an entirely new, cool life. It will provide more real value, closer to the business than ever before.

And more than ever, it’s about data science and next-generation algorithms, too. An eclectic catalog of high-performance analytics is destined to be the most valuable enterprise asset, whether it’s built in house or mindfully acquired from elsewhere.

Then, of course, there is the augmentation of the corporate IQ with artificial intelligence, leaning on various ways of machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing. There are very few products, services, processes, capabilities, solutions, or applications that wouldn’t benefit from an AI injection of “smart.” And the opportunities for reinventing the entire business model from scratch with an AI-First perspective are quickly popping up as well.

With all this enthusiasm, data engineering and data science skills are scarce. Rigid automation, high-productivity self-service tools and off-the-shelf analytics and pre-trained AI solutions provide the means to deal with this increasingly pivotal issue.

Also, personal data – as insightful as it potentially is – has all it takes to devastate the enterprise trust balance. Creating data-driven solutions through privacy by design should be at the foundation of the corporate Maslow pyramid.

Leveraging data as an asset to increase the "Corporate IQ."

My Data is Bigger than Yours

My Data is Bigger than Yours

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