Migrating to S/4HANA

Based on our extensive knowledge and many years of experience with SAP, Capgemini can help you make the right choices to ensure you unleash the full potential of S/4HANA. Our approach includes five steps.

1. Prepare

At the beginning of a project, we perform a readiness assessment and interface scan, we assess your existing SAP platform, databases and operating system.
We will then determine the steps required and provide a migration road map, budget and timeline. A functional assessment will also be performed to realign business processes to S/4HANA best practice. Or we can take the assessment one step further still and define a strategic road map, determining how S/4 HANA can help your company on its digital transformation journey.

2. Explore

In this step, we will map your business processes and business priorities, define pain points, discuss where custom development will be needed and provide a more detailed road map.

  • Discovery sessions will help you understand specific features of S/4HANA and how to leverage innovation.
  • Moreover, our S/4HANA initial discovery environment lets you explore the real impact of S/4HANA within 6 weeks by running the solution on a copy of your own productive systemon-premiseor cloud with your own data sets. This reduces change management and alleviates risk as end users are exposed to the system early in the migration / transformation to S/4 HANA.

3. Realise

  • The purpose of this phase is to build up the solution based on the business scenarios, process requirements and interfaces identified in the previous (explore) phase. The solution is incrementally built, based on requirement captured in the explore phase. Once the build and testisdone successfully, the solution is moved to the deploy phase with multiple mock runs to prepare and a simulate cutover plan.
  • We can guide you through the entire migration process – from the preparation and migration phase to introducing SAP Fiori and determining user roles.

4. Deploy

  • The purpose of the deploy phase is to setup the production system, ensure customer end users are ready to use the solution productively, and to switch the business operations to the new system.
  • In this phase, the project team executes a cutover plan that was defined in therealisephase and refined during the deploy phase. The plan outlines a list of tasks including go / no-go decision points, migration / creation of data, and the non-transportable object setup. When ready, the project teams will execute the cutover tasks per the cutover plan to facilitate transition to the productive system.

5. Run

  • The purpose of the run phase is to continue adoption of the implemented solution across the organisation.
  • During this phase,Capgeminiwill provide you with support services to add new users, enable business users and manage quarterly upgrades and activate additional functionality as required.


Start small and think big: Once the basics are live, we can help you explore new features and domains, like digital marketing, digital manufacturing, Fiori APPS, analytics etc.

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