Microsoft ERP+

Our ERP+ (Enterprise Resource Planning+) team offers extensive industry experience to help you better integrate SAP and Microsoft software to increase productivity and reduce time to market.

Blending SAP and Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities

Our ERP+ with Duet Enterprise solution integrates SAP’s structured workload with Microsoft’s unstructured workload. This enables you to:

  • Improve productivity by streamlining business processes and increasing user adoption
  • Minimize data compliance risk by reducing disparate sources and implementing data management capabilities
  • Lower total cost of ownership and increase agility with a less complex business application landscape
  • Support informed decision-making with better control of your data, improved reporting and greater responsiveness
  • Define a business case based on an improved understanding of your system landscape
  • Create a foundation for connectivity and integrated security
  • Extend critical actions via ready-to-use capabilities

As well as tailoring solutions to your individual needs, we also create business pack solutions to get your SAP and Microsoft applications talking even quicker.

Anytime, Anywhere for Your Enterprise

Despite heavy software investments, fewer than one in three organizations take full advantage of all their SAP components.

If you could get SAP’s ERP products to function smoothly within Microsoft’s work environment, you could adopt an “anytime, anywhere” work ethic, making your data more readily accessible.


Our executive teams and mobile users now have the ability to review and approve purchase orders from outside of the SAP environment, and from their mobile devices while travelling. This has greatly improved the purchase order approval process.

Tom Doyle
VP of IT, GT Advanced Technologies;


Contact our expert Tim Jarvis today to find out how you can unlock the value of ERP+ with Duet Enterprise.

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