This is the next leap forward in SAP Delivery Methodology

Not all SAP implementation methodologies are equal

What makes the difference now is how much experience in the field you have been able to distill into it and how aligned it is with the speed required by the Cloud and Digital world. There is a difference in leading SAP implementation methods, and iCaptivate, is the one that stands out.

iCaptivate is fully compliant with SAP Activate, and its “industrialized” Agile approach. Capgemini has taken it several steps further and built our IP and accelerators on top, and also automated much of the work through our proprietary Digital Delivery Framework tool (DDF).  Through DDF, iCaptivate automates non value-add tasks based on decades of experience and delivers more value to your business through the incorporation of Agile and lean tools and techniques throughout the lifecycle of an implementation.  It means your project teams will spend their time focused on building value into your SAP solution, and less time doing paperwork.

iCaptivate – The best of everything and the value you’re looking for

An industrialized Agile methodology that is perfected and proven, iCaptivate is Capgemini’s new approach to deliver SAP-based digital transformation programs. In line with SAP Activate, it incorporates accelerators and techniques based on the recognized Capgemini leadership, not only on SAP projects, but also on Agile and Lean approaches. iCaptivate can help reduce the total implementation effort for SAP engagements by 20%.

iCaptivate drives the highest possible value-generation based on efficiency, effectiveness and speed by leveraging the Digital Delivery Framework (DDF), a Capgemini tool that helps to deliver the project in an Agile way and automates many non-value add activities, focusing on quality and consistency.

Our SAP practitioners worldwide are trained in our new methodology – iCaptivate – and ready to fully leverage its tools and assets, which are always up-to-date thanks to a continuous stream of improvements, driven by a global team of experts.

What makes your business a success?

We care about that question, and we keep it top-of-mind during your SAP based digital transformation.

For Capgemini, excellence is fundamental.  We’re committed to client satisfaction, and this is proven by our multi-year wins of the SAP Pinnacle Award “Customer Choice Partner of the Year”. iCaptivate is the newest way we’re proving our value as an SAP Global Partner and a recognized leader in SAP implementations around the world. The right methodology, at the right time — made to deliver more value, right now — that’s iCaptivate.

Be sure to read where iCaptivate has enhanced our delivery with the French client Imerys.

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