Digital workplace

Transforming how and where your employees work

For your employees to thrive in today’s digital world, you need a Digital Workplace that enables them to create, collaborate and communicate easily. A place where they are equipped with the tools they need to add true value to your organization.

Combining digital and cultural transformation

The workplace is changing. As it becomes increasingly digital, companies must transform both the physical work environment and the ways in which employees engage with each other in a cultural transformation.

Technical, social and environmental evolution brings new standards to the Digital Workplace. Your organization must address existing and emerging challenges in new ways:

  • How to increase competitiveness and reduce time-to-market: This demands better collaboration, internally and with a wider ecosystem of partners and stakeholders.
  • Innovation as a business imperative: This calls for your multi-functional teams to build and excel in customer-centric and design-centric methodologies.
  • How to manage the increasing risks of cyber-attacks: With the growth of shadow IT and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, you must establish and adopt secure work environments.

Enabling transformation

What does it take to become a Digital Workplace? We see several complementary aspects in play as part of your Digital Workplace transformation:

  1. Digital enablers: Employees need workstations, applications, collaborative tools and an intranet to collaborate in an agile and secure environment. This change must be accompanied by both an awareness of security and a data culture across your enterprise.
  2. New ways of working: To maximize the value your workforce deliver, it is essential to instill a collaborative and agile culture. One centered on teamwork and the achievement of business objectives.  At the same time, your work methods should take into account the evolution of labor regulations (work from home, right to disconnect, management in the digital age, etc.).
  3. Digital workspaces: Give your employees collaborative and digitalized workspaces, adapted to the diverse activities of your organization. This might include facilitation rooms, co-creation spaces, informal exchange areas, etc. Digital services, such as concierge services, make it easier for your employees to manage their daily routines, allowing them to focus on their core business.

With you at every step

At Capgemini Invent, we know what it takes to frame and steer complex transformation programs that deliver desired business outcomes. We can work with you to build a comprehensive blueprint of your Digital Workplace transformation projects, and then accompany you throughout key moments of your transformation program to ensure that you realize the desired business outcome.

Our expertise includes:

  • Transformation framing. We help to define your ambition in terms of employee experience and corporate culture in the digital age. We support you in the choice of technical solutions that best meet your challenges and constraints. And we help you in finding internal sponsors, building top management recognition of how your Digital Workplace helps transform your organization.
  • Collaborative solutions deployment. We industrialize solutions deployment, while implementing adoption measurement devices and associated action plans.
  • Digital Workplace transformation sustainability. We transform the processes that are part of your company’s core expertise, while supporting communication between teams and articulating transformation use cases to motivate others. We set up new spaces and methods of innovation integrated into your work environment, while ensuring local teams can scale their adoption of new Digital Workplace capabilities and culture.

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