Connected Marketing

Tackle complexity and improve efficiency of the marketing ecosystem

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Activating and captivating customers with data-driven, contextualized marketing experiences – at scale

Marketing today is all about putting the customer first, understanding how they interact with the brand, and knowing when, and where, to start a conversation with them. The outcome – and ultimate aim of this customer-first focus – is a brand differentiating customer experience. In this landscape, marketing is all about putting both brand and experience in context.

Achieving this rests on the ability to use data to drive a conversation with the customer. Consumers today want a personalized experience. They want convenience and unlimited access, and they demand it in real-time, 24/7.

Marketing must strike a balance between building a strong brand and just reacting to the latest consumer trends. How can data be used to identify and understand the context of each customer interaction with the brand across different channels? How and when do consumers search for a product; see what their peers are saying; get help; personalize their purchase; place an order; and demonstrate brand advocacy?

Connected Marketing with Capgemini

Capgemini’s suite of end-to-end Connected Marketing capabilities and services enables organizations to respond effectively to the new era of marketing with a differentiating customer experience. At its core is our Connected Marketing ecosystem model built on the triumvirate of a company’s brand, MarTech and organization, enabling efficient personalization and content marketing.

We provide strategic consulting, build the architecture, implement new digital tools, and run the entire ecosystem, as well as monitor, fine-tune and support organizational change. This unique one-stop portfolio of offers embraces the five core principles of Connected Marketing: Personalization. Relevance, Brand-driven, Responsive and Scale.

We bring together data, technology and a brand vision to create and realize our clients’ customer-first strategies. Are you ready to put your customers first?

Our Value Proposition

Connected Marketing means customer activation by personalized, relevant, and branded content, delivered in the right moment by a responsive, interdisciplinary, and empowered marketing organization that is able to execute at scale through adequate marketing technology.

Understanding marketing from an ecosystem perspective reduces complexity and supports the CMO in managing these areas:

  • Data-driven: Creation of benefits beyond brand values
  • Responsive: Collaboration between departments
  • At scale: Services rely on business and IT interplay
  • Personalized: Unified and trusted data

Fig: The Marketing Ecosystem


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