Capgemini’s MuleSoft Performance Tuning

Capgemini’s superior platform and solution architecture + the MuleSoft Integration Platform = a perfectly tuned business engine
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Getting the optimal performance from your MuleSoft platform will not only reduce your long-term costs but will also ensure your integration platform is always operating at its best.

MuleSoft performance assessment

Capgemini’s MuleSoft Platform and Solution Architects will review your current or planned implementation and provide solution recommendations that will optimise the performance of your MuleSoft Platform. We will assess and bench-mark the performance of your MuleSoft integration platform and identify any areas of concern. Over and underperforming components will be examined and noted as part of the assessment. Our experienced integration architects will document their findings and report back to you along with any design changes that need to be considered.

Refine the solution design to maximise performance and scale

Understanding the design issues at the core of any performance concerns will help the Capgemini’s Platform and Solution Architects to design a new, optimised MuleSoft platform for you. They will advise (through the comprehensive solution design) what components need to change, the process required to implement these changes, and provide guidance on the level of non-functional and regression testing required to test the renewed design before it’s transitioned into a production environment.

Execute the design changes and reap the performance rewards

Our MuleSoft Platform and Solution Architects will work with you to run a focused, agile and appropriate tuning project. We design to adjust, refine and improve the performance of your MuleSoft Platform with a view to optimising the use of key platform resources. By tuning the performance of your API solution your technology can better align your operational business needs – striking the right balance between cost and performance.

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