Digital Procurement Services

Optimize your digital investment to drive frictionless, sustainable procurement

Digital Procurement Services Outcome

Capgemini’s Digital Procurement Services offer helps your organization develop, implement, and operate a digital procurement strategy that enables you to sustain and further capitalize on your investment.

Our offer enables your individual buyers to control spend and drive value, while reducing your procurement and category management operating costs through a sustainable and frictionless operating model that manages the total cost of ownership of your demand and supplier pricing.

It also helps you adopt the right strategies to achieve the optimal balance between your spend, efficiency, and working capital savings to deliver business outcomes that include:

  • Enhanced compliance – over 90% compliance in your procurement policy and reduction in maverick spend
  • Increased productivity – up to 50% increase in your productivity through automation and channel optimization
  • Enhanced transparency and insights – 26% identified supplier consolidation savings through increased visibility in your supply chain
  • Reduced cost – up to 50% reduction in your back-office costs and over 5% savings across your tail spend, tactical purchasing, and strategic sourcing.

Whether you are at the beginning of your procurement transformation journey or simply lacking the resources or capabilities to continue to evolve, our offer leverages the latest innovations in platforms, guided buying, and design thinking to drive:

  • An exceptional user experience
  • Effective, sustainable, and frictionless procurement
  • Embedded controls and compliance

By addressing each and every friction in your sourcing and procurement operations at the earliest possible stage, Capgemini’s Digital Procurement Services helps you transition to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.

The Frictionless Enterprise-blockchain for the supply chain
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