The death of the supply chain

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Why consumer-products organizations should reimagine the traditional supply chain as a supply-value network

In today’s digital world, the term ‘supply chain’ is a bit of a misnomer. A chain implies connectivity, rigidity, and linearity, whereas today’s landscape prioritizes flexibility, speed, agility, and adaptability.

This disconnect is especially true of consumer products organizations. The traditional model of delivering large volumes of the same product to retailers and distributors is fast becoming a thing of the past. Modern consumers expect the ability to personalize products and make purchases across a variety of channels. At the same time, the organization must balance the need to serve a variety of customers and consumers with optimized business operations. They must ensure the business remains profitable, even as the demand for personalization, speed, and direct access grows.

At Capgemini we offer organizations the ability to create an environment that provides a 360-degree view across the supply-value network. We support organizations in their shift to a supply-value network in three ways: design, implement, and operate, to help them enable the modern supply chain needs of both their consumers and business operations.

Explore our latest white paper to discover ways we can help your organization embrace this new role of the supply chain – not as its final end, but as its latest evolution.

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Key takeaways from the authors

“Data is the most crucial currency within the supplyvalue network,” says Phil Davies, Vice President at Capgemini Invent. “The ability to understand the data and process and react to it – that’s a key differentiator and enabler of success.”

“There is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to supply chain,” says Hein Regeer, Principal at Capgemini Invent. “There are many different types of consumers to reach and the supply-value network has to mirror that.”

“Being a giant with large owned assets is no longer the only winning card,” says Laurent Perea, VP at Capgemini Invent. “The ability to collaborate and build a resilient network that can quickly adjust to changes becomes the most promising bet.”