Tapping into the Data Cloud for Financial Services

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Many Financial Services organizations today are recalibrating the way they run their business to remain competitive and relevant amid today’s constantly evolving business environment. To do so, Financial Services are looking to modernize their operations by moving to the cloud to enable enhanced flexibility, scalability, agility & cost-effective data management.

With Snowflake, data is no longer needed to be cataloged and can quickly become the basis for merchant reports. This has made a significant difference for Financial Services firms. It used to take two to three hours to complete an internal report whereas now the same job can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Through this whitepaper, Azmath Pasha our Snowflake Global COE Leader sheds his expertise on how Capgemini is prepared to delivering data-driven customer experiences with Snowflake while meeting rigorous regulatory data protection standards for financial services organizations.

Moving to Snowflake Data Cloud Platform eliminates all the resource and contention restraints and enables Financial Services to push as much as data as possible into the data cloud platform.

Snowflake enables Financial Services to work with massive data sets and no longer restrict which data sets can be included in non-optimized queries. There is a significant improvement from a resource allocation perspective from previous legacy on-premises and cloud data solutions.

Additional capability benefits such as keeping single source of the truth, and improved governance fosters data to be exchanged freely within the organization. Catering to the domain specific use-cases, by using Snowflake Data Marketplace many of our Financial Services customers are now able to connect business-critical customer financial data which helps in expanding business insights.

Data Estate Modernization

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