Return to Work Helpdesk

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Critical communication management and back-to-business planning to help you reopen and stay open under COVID-19

Return to Work Helpdesk

Capgemini’s Return to Work Helpdesk is a pre-packaged COVID-19 management solution that takes a people safety-first approach to deliver rapid workforce enablement and optimization across your organization.

Enabled by Zendesk, our solution consolidates all of your channels – including live chat, social messaging, voice, SMS – to deliver a single view. This helps you communicate with your workforce and business ecosystem on new post-COVID-19 ways of working, policies, and regulations, such as quarantine HR support, mobile and location contact tracing, and testing management.

Our solution can be implemented rapidly within 1–2 weeks, helping you keep your people safe and prevent further spread of the disease, while getting your workforce back up to speed, safeguarding your reputation, and keeping your business running.

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To learn more about how Capgemini’s Return to Work Helpdesk can become a critical part of your COVID-19 nerve center to help your organization reopen and stay open, read more from our colleagues or contact:

Return to Work Helpdesk

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