GCCs – Turning the COVID challenge into meaningful change

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Looking Beyond COVID

Change is sometimes so vast, so fast, and so dislocating that it is hard to tell disaster from opportunity. COVID-19 has ushered in such a situation in the world. The point is, how do enterprises turn these challenges into meaningful change?

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented public health emergency affecting every sector across every industry. While some industries may boast stronger defenses, others will struggle to reset to a normal that is constantly being redefined — and redesigned.

Sample this: Consumer demand patterns will shift if not pivot; global supply chains will be re-routed if not re-designed, governments and institutions will make even more significant interventions; and companies will have to continuously adapt to new and uncertain market conditions.

In this White Paper, we look at the Global Capability Center (GCC), the effect of the pandemic upon its business, the future scenario, and specific advice on what GCC leaders should consider now and going ahead. These experiences and findings have been derived based on our ongoing engagement with GCC clients.

Our experts

Ananth Chandramouli

Managing Director, Capgemini India Market Unit

As the Head of India Market unit, Ananth is responsible for
formulating go-to-market strategy, driving revenue growth, managing client relationships, collaborating with partners, developing talent and orienting teams towards execution. Ananth’s key expertise lies in identifying market trends and opportunities, championing the evolution of right solution offerings aligned with the market needs. He helps transform clients’ businesses through the right application of evolving technologies and business models.







Ajesh Chandra

Senior Director, Capgemini India Market Unit

As head for Hi-Tech & Telecom portfolio for India Market unit, Ajesh is responsible for P&L, client success and building relevant team capability. His expertise lies in GCC Build, Execute and Transform journey. He works closely with GCC leadership to help them meet their head quarter agenda of Run, Transform and Change.

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