Perspectives 2021 from our Asia Pacific Junior Talent

Our graduate program team is back with “Perspective 2021” opinion paper contest aiming at gathering insights and thoughts from our junior talent. This program which started last year aims at transcending geographic borders throughout APAC, promote the exchange of thoughts and cultural awareness. This report is a curation of some of the most interesting pieces. This initiative is a continuum between what we initiated last year and aim at maintaining for the future, that is a regional organization that embraces its diversity of perspectives and opinion.

Our junior colleagues decided to focus their work on

  • The data revolution and how it will reshape our industrial capabilities
  • What’s next in Customer Experience?
  • The Cloud Migration value proposition
  • A study of selected emerging technologies, with associated risks and benefits
  • The future of work

In this report just as in their professional life, the members of the new generation of professionals is focusing its attention, energy, thoughts and talent towards building a better world.

Report: Perspectives 2021

File size: 20.23 MB File type: PDF

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