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Advancing through headwinds: Where are organizations investing?

As organizations battle rising prices, volatile supply chains, climate issues, talent scarcity, and the ongoing repercussions of the disruption caused by the pandemic, more than half of executives in our research describe a bleak economic outlook for the next 12‒18 months. Still, they are optimistic regarding their individual organizations, with many expecting only a “short and mild” recession.

Against this backdrop, we wanted to find out how organizations are managing costs while undertaking transformation of their portfolios in our newest Capgemini Research Institute report, Advancing through headwinds: Where are organizations investing? To do so, we surveyed executives from 2,000 unique organizations across 15 countries, in a wide range of sectors.

We drew on this research to identify several critical themes when it comes to organizational investment over the next 12–18 months as well as concrete actions that organizations can take: to tackle current risks and navigate turbulence, businesses must continue to make considered, directed investments, especially in diversifying and digitizing their supply chains, adopting digital tools that can drive cost savings, and expanding hybrid- and remote-working conditions.

At the same time, certain key areas of investment are being overlooked in today’s turbulent environment, including sustainability and employee issues. We highlight in our analysis what organizations can do to not let these critical aspects fall behind as they attempt to prioritize particular investment areas.

Download our full report to learn more about where organizations are investing as they advance through the current uncertainty.

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