Capgemini helps telecommunications companies adapt to today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.
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We combine strategy, technology, data science and experience design to create advanced digital solutions and enable new business models—helping the Telcos of today become the innovators of tomorrow.

The pace of change in the telecom industry is unparalleled, and technological advances and changing consumer behaviour have irrevocably changed the business environment for the telecom industry. 5G is the defining element of every Telco’s transformation strategy. However, for operators, success will depend not just on the ability to deploy this powerful new network, but also monetise their investment across industries and domains.

A proud leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for IT Services for CSPs, Worldwide, and in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for 5G Engineering Serviceswe have over 30 years of experience working with wireline, wireless, Internet service provider, cable, organisations. Drawing on our expertise, we can work with you to achieve the strategic goals and world-class results you require.


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Capgemini and GSMA Report “The sustainable Telco”

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Conversations for Tomorrow #3

Intelligent Industry: The Next Era of Transformation

The backbone of a data-driven future

Communications services providers (CSPs) will be the backbone of the data-driven revolution...

Data & Analytics for Telecoms

Data & Analytics for Telecoms

Telcos are some of the world’s largest data aggregators, with access to an unprecedented...

INVENTIVE TELECOMS – Digital Transformation for Operators

INVENTIVE TELECOMS – Digital Transformation for Operators

Inventive Telecoms supercharges your presence in the fast-evolving digital world. It empowers...

Solutions for the 5G and IoT Edge computing revolution

Solutions for the 5G and IoT Edge computing revolution

Start your data-driven transformation

The path to net zero for telcos

The path to net zero for telcos

Welcome to the 5G Industry-focus Labs: our Lighthouse for Industries

Welcome to the 5G Industry-focus Labs: our Lighthouse for Industries

To support organizations in their 5G journey and win the innovation game, Capgemini has...

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