Digital Customer Experience

Cliff Evans

Expert in DCX, Digital Transformation, Mobile

I am a thought leader in digital transformation, always interested in finding the next area to be impacted by the adoption of new digital technologies. I have a successful track record of taking these ideas and translating them into practical business benefits at a national and a global scale, for clients across a range of industry sectors. As an example, I created Capgemini’s Digital Services Orchestration framework for cloud services, Immediate, which underpins the delivery of large scale Digital solutions.

Cliff Evans

My experience

Vice President - Head Digital for Banking @ Capgemini


SVP Client Solututions @ Media Production

02/17/1998 to 01/08/2001

European Technical and IT Director @ Printing and Media Production

01/01/1995 to 02/07/1998

Managing Consultant @ Management Consulting Company

05/07/1990 to 02/06/1995

Director @ Software Development Company

10/01/1984 to 04/17/1990

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