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Hear from Genevieve Er on her career relaunch journey at Capgemini


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Strategy & Transformation

Tell me a bit about your experience in your working career before Relaunch?  

I started my career as a graduate in a leading database and application technology company. It was a very supportive environment to learn and grow. I was excited to work with technology that integrated itself into the core of every industry. 

I then embarked on a personal project and followed my dreams into the apparel manufacturing industry. I lived overseas creating and selling to retailers in the US, Japan and Australia. I opened my own bricks and mortar stores and reached customers online. During this time, I had my two daughters. When covid hit, my business was decimated. Like many other Australians who had been living overseas, I decided to move back home to be closer to my family and loved ones. 

There were many times during my career in the apparel industry when I had thought about returning to the corporate IT industry, after all these days every company has so many touchpoints which are tech-related and my manufacturing, apparel and retail business was no different. 

But as time passed, I felt my skills were obsolete, there were new products on the market place and the old ones had evolved so I did not pursue these thoughts and pushed them from my mind. 

What interested you in returning to a career in Tech?  

Without a doubt, it is the people. The innovative, intelligent and inclusive nature of the people that work in the industry. Their willingness to embrace new ideas and to continually learn and be challenged. 

Then there are our customers, I really enjoy helping people, seeing how technology improves their ability to make informed decisions, easing the burden of time-consuming tasks, improving their customer retention and satisfaction and optimising company processes. I truly love being part of a team that delivers and works across diverse industries. 

What challenges did you face on your journey returning to Tech and how did that make you feel?  

I felt obsolete after just one year out of the tech industry, so I think my biggest challenge was the fear that even if I re-skilled I would still be considered unemployable. 

What intrigued you about the Relaunch Program for you to apply? 

When I had decided I wanted to explore a way back into Tech. I made a list of all the products on the market. I narrowed that list to just one, Salesforce. I started doing Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform and was hooked. I knew that Salesforce was the product I wanted to work with. I could easily see how it could have transformed my own business. 

The minute I heard about Relaunch I wanted to apply for two reasons. I had previously worked on some projects led by Capgemini. I had loved working with the team. They embodied all that I have experienced of my colleagues working in technology. It was a joy to go to work. 

When I heard the Relaunch program would be in Salesforce it was the icing on the cake. It could not get any better than combining working for Capgemini with the leading CRM product on the market. 

What have been your proudest moments in the Relaunch Program? 

I was over the moon when I received my acceptance letter. Throughout my induction program I have felt welcomed by the entire Capgemini Team. Gaining my first Salesforce certification was also a moment to celebrate. 

What opportunities has the Relaunch Program provided you? 

Relaunch has created a learning pathway for me to update my knowledge and skills. Giving me an exciting opportunity to reignite my career in technology. Working with the brightest of minds to solve complex business issues facing customers. 

I have been introduced to a network of support and mentors to help guide my transition. Including our community lead Amy Rath, our support mentors Juanita Blanch, Gayatri Bakshi, Laura Halimkusama, our executive sponsor Simon Blainey and managing director Kaylene O’Brien. 

I have also had the opportunity to meet with people from within the Salesforce ecosystem who have been both supportive and inspiring – Erin Williams, Tara Ridley, Eloise Lloyd and Steven Bennett. 

What advice would you have for Women looking to re-join or start a career in Tech? 

With predictions that the number of Australian’s employed in the tech sector will reach 1 million by 2025, there has never been a better time to apply to join one of the most rapidly growing and rewarding industries in Australia. 

If you are looking to re-join or start your career in tech, I would suggest to firstly do your research as to what area interests you most. The industry is so broad with many new interesting and diverse products and roles. Look for roles where your strengths and interests lay. I also considered potential company values and was really looking for alignment. Look out for online courses and start to re-skill. Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs where you do not meet all the technical requirements, as I’ve discovered you can learn those skills and the right company will invest in learning and development. Capgemini’s Relaunch program provides a fantastic pathway back into the tech industry. I could not recommend it more to anyone looking for a return to the work force/industry.