Digitalization of the Chemicals and Life Sciences Industry

Even with farmers, large and small, data and use of digital tech are now key enablers. Meanwhile, healthcare is taking advantage of blockchain to improve patient care, privacy, and drug safety. For life science laboratories, digital saves time and money.

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Capgemini wins two Strategic Partner Awards at the Citrix Summit 2018

The Group is recognized for ‘Most Impactful Cloud Win’ and ‘2017 Best Overall Geo GSI Performance’
Cybersecurity GDPR

CISO and DPO join forces for GDPR compliance

The deadline for GDPR compliance is fast approaching, but no need to press the panic button. Instead, act smart!

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IoT is changing the way we improve customer experience

IoT has a big role to play in customer experience by enhancing communication, reducing wait times and gaining greater insights. As customer experience becomes ever more important, so too does the need to simplify how customers connect with vendor support and to decrease average vendor response times.

Designing for your audience

There is a much greater emphasis on having seamless User Experience (UX) in technology.

Twelve questions on innovation: interview with Gigabit Magazine

Recently I spoke to Gigabit on the importance of investing in innovative technologies and the development of innovation centers, in addition to Capgemini’s own experience on the subject.

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