I have a calling. What’s yours?

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The article gives a quick summary of Yale professor Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski’s finding how people generally view their work.

I recently read a short article titled, How to Find Meaning in Your Job, and could not help but feel grateful to be working where I am, because Capgemini supports me to fulfill my calling to do good by using my skills to have a positive social impact.

What’s this calling?

The article gives a quick summary of Yale professor Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski’s finding that people generally view their work through one of three lenses:

  1. My job is a chore and the paycheck is my reward. I work because I have to – duh!;
  2. My job allows me the opportunity to advance and succeed. This concept is attractive to me; or
  3. I have a calling and I find my work fulfilling and meaningful because it allows me to leverage my strengths and contribute to the greater good.

It’s no shocker that Dr. Wrzesniewski’s findings conclude that people with a calling not only find their work more rewarding but work harder and longer because of it. As a result, these people are generally more likely to get ahead.

This article resonated with me for a couple of reasons:

  1. Most of my friends and acquaintances make it very clear that they see their jobs through the first two lenses. Common themes that arise out of our job-related conversations include stress and anxiety, with measures of personal success being the prestige of the company, promotional goals or bonuses.
  2. The second reason is because I have always felt a calling to do good, which for me means to have a positive impact in my community. I have generally felt fulfilled from my work but could never in any previous roles articulate how my strengths were having a meaningful impact beyond the bounds of my employment. Would I do any good? How can I use my skills to have a positive impact in my community? In my mind, this idea of ‘doing good by having an impact’ remained a vague concept and an elusive thing that I would somehow attain later in my career.

Why I’m proud of Capgemini

So, my organisation has recently launched Social Innovators – a capability striving toward digital inclusion and shaking up the traditional business world by bringing together the best of consulting strengths, methodologies, and digital capabilities to make a positive social and sustainable impact in the community!

Late last year, we partnered with a small not-for-profit, The Generous and Grateful, whose goal is to connect people in the community so they can donate furniture to vulnerable people. We have been working with them to see how digital solutions can be leveraged to help scale their strategy and grow their community visibility and impact. I saw first-hand how my skills learnt on the job can be used to do good and touch the lives of many.

It is only my second year with Capgemini and I cannot wait to challenge myself and see what more goodness I can bring! Doing good is an everyday thing and I’m so glad organisations like mine are innovating themselves to revolutionise the traditional business mindset while supporting employee fulfilment.

I leave you with our Social Innovators’ motto,

‘We believe that every one of us can be an architect of positive futures’

and ask, what’s your calling?

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