Three Steps to Unlock the Full ROI from a Cloud Migration

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The cloud is no longer an emerging technology, and the business case is increasingly clear. What’s less clear to leaders of large companies is the technological and change management roadmap.

In 2013, the CIA partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build and maintain a cloud used by 17 intelligence agencies.

The following year, GE announced its plan to move more than 90 percent of its applications to the cloud.

As I recently discussed in an article I wrote for InformationWeek with my colleague Jason Hatch, there are three ways to ensure success before, during and post-migration. Here’s a quick summary, and read the article for a full analysis:

1.       Lay your cloud foundation by mapping the existing IT model; document governance for evaluating, migrating and managing applications; and establish a security model.

2.       Evaluate your applications to identify redundant programs and identify interdependencies before moving applications in mass.

3.       Enforce your governance framework to avoid overspending and adding unnecessary computing power.

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