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Software Framework Solutions for Wireless

We accelerate leading-edge innovation thanks to our portfolio of 70+ Frameworks for Wireless technologies. Keeping you ahead of the curve for a 5G world.

The rollout of 5G is a game-changer for the wireless world requiring robust, cost-effective software frameworks and platforms to power the next-generation of wireless solutions for IoT, mixed-reality and autonomous vehicle applications.

Our 5G frameworks and services enable network equipment manufacturers and communications service providers to build their own 5G solutions to fast track next-generation product roadmaps, rapidly deploy new services and leapfrog their competitors.

Our 5G-ready offering is based on a virtualized, scalable architecture that can deliver multiple services and serve a variety of applications simultaneously, which drives optimal resource use and accelerates deployment.

To be first to market, every communications service provider must start preparing their network architecture, transport network, operations environment, spectrum and site solutions to transition to 5G.


What we do

Capgemini Engineering’s RAN solutions are access enablers for different industry verticals like Communication networks, Defense, Satcom, Automotive and Public safety etc. RAN portfolio comes with a powerful eco-system comprised of silicon vendors, platform Builders, and cloud providers, as well as innovative business models for the co-creation and co-development of end-to-end solutions.

Capgemini Engineering Virtualized RAN benefits from network function virtualization (NFV), the centralized processing of wireless functions, management, and orchestration architecture in collaboration with different cloud infra providers.

Capgemini Engineering 5G Core is a fully virtualized, stateless and microservices based core network that is suitable for private 5G deployment as well as cloud based deployments. The decomposed architecture, Service based interfaces and CUPS strongly support cloud native container based implementation.

Comprehensive EPC solutions for MME and SGW/PGW network nodes, to help vendors build high-quality solutions with pre-tested and pre-optimized components.

Capgemini engineering’s narrowband IoT (NB IoT) solution complies with all industry standards and enables and optimizes IoT devices for today’s fastest long-range lTE networks.

Capgemini Engineering’s vision for MEC is to create a developer-centric architecture and cloud-native platform that makes edge discovery, onboarding, and management of applications easy for edge application developers. Our MEC platform provides a comprehensive solution for onboarding applications, which can be integrated into the network architecture. It includes serverless architectures, persistent storage for containers, policy management, simplified orchestration and a microservices-based architecture for MEC services.

Capgemini RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller) is an ORAN standard-compliant solution, which has the flexibility to host a variety of RAN applications (xApps/rApps) in a 5G network by providing a rich set of xApp & rApp SDK. Capgemini is also working on a few fundamental xApps and rApps (Energy Saving, Traffic Steering, QoS & RAN Slice Assurance), which help our customers efficiently utilize the RIC capabilities to optimize the RAN Operations.

CBRS offers a cost-effective small-cell solution for mobile operators by leveraging shared spectrum through carrier aggregation.

• 3G/2.5G frameworks
• WiFi Traffic Offload
• Diameter