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Adaptive Cloud Operations

Today’s modern enterprises are digitizing their products, processes, and services at an accelerated speed to be competitive and create new disruptive business models.

Enterprises are attempting to shift from being slow and difficult to change to being able to adapt quickly and effortlessly – responding to market changes or shaping new revenue opportunities.

Enterprises looking to adopt the cloud at scale to support this transformation require adaptable cloud operations that ensure speed, security, visibility, control, optimization, resilience, and reliability across disparate cloud ecosystems.

Capgemini Adaptive Cloud Operations is the foundation that enables our clients to optimize their business value from the cloud so they can respond quickly to their customers and remain competitive in today’s world. It delivers a modern approach to operating in the cloud and enables seamless and consistent intelligent operations for multiple cloud ecosystems, simplifying adoption, streamlining app migrations, and accelerating modernization.

Point of View

Building adaptability into your architecture and operating model is critical to the success of evolving digital business models of the future.

How Capgemini Adaptive Cloud Operations helps the enterprise

Empower enterprises to adopt, migrate, operate, secure, and optimize cloud technologies, giving you the foundations to modernize and digitize your business at a rapid scale. Across hybrid, edge, and multi-cloud, we have the expertise to help you maximize ROI, reduce risk, accelerate innovation, enhance productivity, and improve operational efficiency.

Do more with less by optimizing and modernizing cloud processes and infrastructure. By combining GreenOps, FinOps, and SRE practices with proven tools, proprietary automation, and an operating model built around continual improvement, we will help you reduce your operating costs and focus on your core business, without hindering innovation.

Capgemini’s Enterprise Automation Fabric provides a purpose-built plug-and-play system designed to unlock a seamless digital IT management ecosystem. It enables you to reap maximum value across your entire cloud operations, at scale, using insights-driven automation.

Capgemini empowers organizations to transform how they operate in the cloud through its purpose-built cloud-ready operating model. It is designed around value, velocity, collaboration, and cloud-native technology, and always moving beyond traditional technologies and ways of working. This enables you to evolve your IT organization at your own pace, in an agile manner, while modernizing your environments and streamlining your IT delivery.

Smarter, safer, faster, stronger – the future of the cloud is agile and adaptable

How we deliver

Capgemini’s Adaptive Cloud Operations comes with one end-to-end, framework delivering strategic expertise, tooling, optimization, governance, and support across your entire cloud lifecycle for the leading hyper-scale platforms. Adaptive Cloud Operations drives value at every stage of your transformation with fast, efficient delivery and automation at scale.

Adaptive Cloud Operation – Service Blocks

Deliver a 24x7x365 consistent, agile, and reliable cloud experience wherever you need it – from the cloud, to on premises, and at the edge

Ensure the availability of critical systems in the cloud as you adopt at scale with support for a wide variety of Enterprise IT ecosystems

Continuously optimize your IT processes, cost and carbon in the cloud to help control waste and lower TCO

Design, build and operate highly reliable platforms that accelerate software delivery using cloud

Protect data and applications with robust, automated security and compliance processes that are designed for cloud

Client stories

Meet our experts

James Dunn

Global Cloud Portfolio Lead at Capgemini