Transform Police (t-Police)

Imagine a more connected police department across local and international boundaries. Combining integrated policing support and field services with cost-saving, flexible technology is the answer. t-Police makes it happen.

Collaboration across Boundaries

New patterns of social and criminal activity are increasingly presenting challenges to law enforcement organizations. Police departments must keep up with technology but are often struggling to reduce costs and depend on aging legacy IT systems.

To reduce crime and protect the public with limited resources, law enforcement organizations must create a trusted environment for sharing critical information across departments and jurisdictions to combat criminal activity head on.

An Integrated Approach to Policing

Compatible with any existing application landscape, t-Police is an integrated policing solution built on a flexible technology platform. It can help you to:

  • Combine support and field services for greater administrative efficiency and intelligent case management
  • Support shared services across boundaries
  • Reduce costs through standardized and integrated processes
  • Improve crime reporting, and duty management using Oracle technology
  • Deliver intelligence, data integration and situational awareness through Palantir technology
  • Implement a phased approach
  • Provide access to information  via a variety of interfaces

Powering Law Enforcement in the UK

In the UK, the Northamptonshire and Cheshire police departments have adopted t-Police to:

  • Develop and implement the first multi-force shared service in the country
  • Run vital back-office support functions

The Cheshire Police Authority expects to generate at least £30 million in savings over 10 years with t-Police.

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