It’s one thing to ingest all that data and store it for later use. Turning it into insights that actually change a business, is the better challenge.

Technology innovations from the open source community have created an unrestrained enthusiasm for what the entire world has come to know as Big Data. And it’s not only about data science and next-generation algorithms. Combine it in a platform with cloud delivery, powerful self-service tools, advanced visualization, fully automated data pipelines plus AI-support, and Business Intelligence – by some considered as classic – gets an entirely new, cool life. It will provide more real value, closer to the business than ever before.

Oh, and it’s about data science and next generation algorithms too. An eclectic catalog of high-performance analytics will soon be one of the most valuable enterprise assets, whether it’s built in house or carefully acquired from elsewhere.

But personal data, as insightful as it potentially can be, has all it takes to devastate the enterprise trust balance. Creating data-driven solutions through privacy by design is at the foundation of the corporate Maslow pyramid.

Then – of course – there is the augmentation for our corporate IQ through deep learning, artificial intelligence and cognitive systems. While most enterprises are only scratching the surface, the collaboration between man and machine does not only promise more intellect in literally every activity carried out, every solution deployed, every service delivered; it will fundamentally change business and eventually society.

Hopefully for the better. After all, data is to be thrived on.