Reach a sustainable future with containerization

Capgemini Containerization Service with Red Hat

Enable a cloud-native future that unleashes the full potential of your organization, to innovate and reduce cloud costs with an eye on sustainability.

Competitive advantage is now defined by your company’s ability to modernize and scale applications at speed – quickly pivoting towards customer demand and shifting market needs.

To thrive, your cloud strategy needs to:

  • Allow you to deliver new products and outcomes faster
  • Instill agility, speed and scale into your business
  • Enable you to standardize operations and lower costs
  • Power innovation and foster your competitive edge
  • Bring sustainability advantages to Cloud operations

Capgemini has the project experience and implementation expertise to guide you through a four-step approach to realize the benefits of containerization in your organization.

Capgemini Red Hat Containerization approach

Based on the readiness of your organization, we have six service blocks to support you in the containerization journey.

Why choose Capgemini and Red Hat?

Our joint proposition will help you embrace a cloud-native approach, innovate more rapidly than your peers and react to marketplace events with greater agility.

Discover more about our partnership with Red Hat.

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Containerization Brochure

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