Healthcare Product Composer

Over 70% of incoming member calls are inquires on coverage of a particular healthcare plan, creating a need for centralized data repository. The Healthcare Product Composer is a single source of data that helps in expediting the resolution of these inquiries and thus, makes responses quicker and leads to greater satisfaction from a member’s viewpoint. A centralized repository eases the process of replication of data and reuse of plans and product information. Not only does this result in greater reach, but it also encourages more frequent use of data. All of the benefits derived from the adoption of a product composer ultimately reduce time-to-market and as a result, enhance customer loyalty and brand reputation in the long term.

Capgemini’s Healthcare Product Composer:

  • Acts as a single source of truth (SSOT) for all product and benefit related data
  • Enables a considerable level of simplification through the use of component-based, re-usable product logic
  • Allows easy reuse and replication of existing data
  • Reduces manual effort and subsequent errors and costs
  • Reduces time in resolving customer inquiries
  • Reduces operational and new product development costs
  • Enables further analysis, through the use of analytics, of the data held by the Healthcare Product Composer System
  • Helps payers achieve compliance with the federal mandate for standard plan presentation format standards

Business Benefits:

  • Reduction in manual documentation effort and the errors that invariably accompany them
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction levels by providing correct & updated information on service instances
  • Reduction in cost and time spent developing and launching new products through the reuse and replication of existing data