Product Support Services

With the rapid increase of product complexities, fast technology changes, and limited resources, organizations must strike a balance between developing next generation products and sustaining the existing ones. To respond to this demand, Capgemini offers product support solutions by combining knowledge and decision making. 


  • Remote Technical Support
    • Autonomous service bots
    • Reverse call support
    • Field service digitization (AR/VR)
  • Sustaining Engineering Services
    • Triage automation
    • Predictive maintenance
  • Software Release Management
    • DevOps enablement
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – Command and Control
    • Capacity management
    • Service level management
  • Cyber Security
    • Threat model, security analysis, security hardening, and best practices to secure communication channel with updates, patches and fixes.
  • Advanced Diagnostics and Data Analytics
    • Extensive data analysis to extract meaningful conclusions and actionable insights

Key Differentiators

  • Transform support services from reactive to proactive and predictive
  • AR based approach to enable and empower the end customer with self-help for serviceability and onsite maintenance
  • Robust scalable and configurable framework, leveraging our in-house assets with end-to-end visibility and control of performance and service levels along with unified workflows, and assets across the lifecycle for predictive analytics
  • A tools-based approach for high-impact knowledge acquisition and management to ensure repeatability and self-learning
  • Analysis and correlation of system logs and sensor data from globally deployed systems for automated defect triage and predict failures using model driven approach, ML and AI based technical support chatbot to automate frequent and repetitive query resolution 

Client Engagements

  • Cloud based diagnostics – One of the largest external data storage vendor in the world

Capgemini built a cloud-based storage analytics application that uses real-time intelligence, proactive monitoring, and predictive analytics to deliver comprehensive health scores for global deployments of storage arrays. We developed micro-services for data analytics, health-check, health-scoring and self-healing. This also includes a data collection and execution engine inside storage array that captures and transmits data to cloud and perform actions ordered remotely.

  • Data lake for insights – Global diagnostics and medical solutions provider

Capgemini successfully deployed an IoT data lake creation and analytics for insights into a connected devices lifecycle. Architected and designed a data lake infrastructure embraces big data technology with data ingestion from various structured, unstructured and streaming sources. Platform and provider agnostic technology for horizontal and vertical scalability. We enabled predictive, prescriptive maintenance of devices, customer insight, promotion of sales and services and clinical condition prediction of patient in advance. 

  • Asset health prediction – Leading mining conglomerate

Capgemini built a cloud based advanced analytics and machine learning solution for advanced failure warnings, equipment scheduling and predicting the remaining useful life of assets. Data is acquired from disparate systems – heavy mobile and fixed assets across global operations. Our solution integrates with production systems for condition based maintenance.

Key Benefits:​

  • Optimized operations with increased visibility and efficiency​
  • Reduced time to relief and overall cost for product support​
  • Quicker and more accurate triaging of issues​
  • High impact knowledge management across teams and faster ramp-up ​
  • Analytics-driven systematic feedback on product serviceability and robustness