Applied Innovation Enterprise Proficiency Assessment (AIEPA) tool

How equipped and positioned is your enterprise in applying and scaling innovation today?

The Applied Innovation Enterprise Proficiency Assessment tool shows how equipped and positioned enterprises are in applying and scaling innovation today – in terms of business readiness and capabilities.

What does it mean to be an Applied Innovator?

The Applied Innovation Enterprise Proficiency Assessment tool provides an initial, high-level and “early warning” assessment of potential areas of risk to consider when enterprises pursue an innovation journey. As such, it allows for barriers that may prevent the realization of intended outcomes to be exposed and addressed much earlier in the applied innovation life cycle.

The assessment is analyzed across two dimensions:

  • Business Readiness: Is your enterprise currently willing and able to align, invest, support and act to establish and sustain the enabler?
  • Capabilities: How adequate (quality and quantity) are the competencies and skills either in or available to your enterprise to perform the requirements of the enabler?

What you can expect:

  • A meaningful conversation to understand where your enterprise stands in relation to each of these 10 key enablers. This will be conducted over a discussion that comprises of over 50 Y/N and ranking questions.
  • The discussion with our innovation experts from the Applied Innovation Exchange will include several high-level graphs to identify the areas of risk and opportunities that can be explored.
  • At no cost and subject to qualification.

If you are interested in engaging with our innovation experts to take this proficiency assessment, please fill in the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page. We will do our best to revert as soon as possible.

By analyzing the top innovators across industries, we have identified 10 key enablers that are essential in order to apply and scale innovation

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