Learn how customers change your enterprise DNA.

Rapid changes in consumer behavior, fuelled by the ever-increasing popularity of social media and the adoption of consumer technologies in the workplace, are urging companies worldwide to re-think their positions. People spend more and more time online to connect and interact with friends, publish opinions, and purchase goods and services. Employees share their views online, strengthening or weakening the corporate brand.

The essence of social media is human interaction in a virtual world. Social media is strongly related to topics such as social networking, social collaboration, micro-blogging, co-creation, crowdsourcing, content sharing and reputation management. Transforming your company to benefit from new ways of human interaction is not about a technology push led by new tools, new architectures and new platforms. It is a true transformation of the way you conduct business, and how you interact with your customers, stakeholders and employees. It is about being part of a huge ecosystem where your clients, employees and partners are all visibly and actively interconnected.

These changes offer exciting opportunities to all enterprises: to increase revenue, strengthen the brand, reduce costs, attract the right employees, and deliver products and services according to the customers’ wishes.