Signature Moments

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Using technology for better understanding of the customer’s journey – creating the magical, standout moments that form a long-lasting connection with your brand

Want to live more in the moment? Don’t forget the business perspective then, where it is highly rewarding to focus on the moments that provide seamless, satisfying, simple experiences to customers. These are standout moments in time of emotional connection – actually culminating to important outcomes for the customer and a creative, differentiating brand experience for the company. Empathy and deep understanding are key to interaction with the customer, and technologies as diverse as predictive analytics, bots and customer journey platforms can be instrumental to achieve this. Sing for the moment: signature moments make the difference that customers will remember.


  • Every time a person uses a smartphone, micro-moments occur. With the growing use of virtual assistants, wearables, bots and even virtual and mixed reality tools, there are even more opportunities to interact, engage and delight.
  • Across the consumer journey, every moment in time should delight the customer, yet some special moments viscerally connect the customer to the brand.
  • We need to think in terms of Signature Moments, identifying those singular interactions that brands will set out to own, where their brand promise and character can be most significantly conveyed through digital interaction.
  • The process of identifying, designing and delivering Signature Moments engages capabilities from customer research, customer strategy, data, design and technology.
  • Brands are given the opportunity to connect with their customers, creating a standout moment of emotional connection that runs far deeper than just the transactional level.


  • McDonaldscreated the first digital version of the Happy Meal gift to engage the younger digital generation, connecting a new customer to an established brand. A perfect signature moment.
  • Whole Foods’recipe readouts to Macy’s Alexa Skill provides daily affirmations and wishes customers a “good morning”.
  • H&M’s Kik chatbotpresents users with different photos of outfits helping to narrow down style choices.
  • Bank of America’s EricaApp will soon offer conversational, bot-driven financial advice.
  • AlexaSiriand Google skills all offer ways for brands to offer value in innovative hands-free experiences.


  • Differentiation that drives preference, drives growth.
  • Thinking this way allows brands to allocate resources more effectively.
  • Increased understanding of the role data and technology play in enhancing experiences;where AI can be used instead of humans and where AI should supplement humans.
  • Machine learning, natural-language understanding and natural-language processing help analyze customer sentiment and feedback at scale, isolating key moments by segment.
  • Conversational interfaces enable brands to behave more like humans; interacting, listening, empathizing and engaging through a deepening contextual understanding, within a purely digital channel.
  • Not always, but often, signature moments need to occur between humans. RPA and automated bots can help remove processing tasks from contact center agents, allowing them to spend more time on problems that require a human touch, enabling them to be the best ambassadors for the brand that they can be.


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