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Perform AI for Public Sector

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Discover all about how Capgemini envisions AI’s potential for the Public Sector.

At the crossroads between citizenship, political action, and technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers great potential for the public sector. Embracing data-driven technology powered with AI is essential for governments and public sector organizations tomorrow.

Public Goes AI is the AI in Public Sector strategy under the Perform AI banner of Capgemini, aiming at helping governments and public sector organizations to adopt scaled AI for their daily processes.

In this Point of View, discover the vision and the capabilities of Capgemini in helping public sector organizations adopt AI for better public services. Public Sector organizations primarily find AI to be useful in:

  1. Intelligently automating administrative processes
  2. Interacting with citizens and public servants
  3. Detecting anomalies in administration
  4. Augmenting decision making with data driven insights.

Besides a wide range of use cases and current project descriptions, the Public Goes AI PoV also highlights how crucial it is to ensure that all technologies used match the highest standards of ethics and data privacy regulations.

Furthermore, the document underlines the true value of building AI on an innovation-friendly partner ecosystem. In the move toward progress, public institutions and governments will be at the frontline of this technological journey while being guardians of its ethical and lawful use.

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