PLM in the Cloud, End-to-end Agility

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The move to cloud-based PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is underway. It will accelerate the implementation of new business strategies for manufacturers, but the key is having a scalable infrastructure at a competitive cost. PLM architects must evolve by offering architectures based on reusable and proven patterns while leveraging managed cloud services.

Process agility directly impacts productivity and competitiveness. While both Agile and SAFe methods offer the flexibility to implement applications that support these processes, the cloud delivers an underlying infrastructure architecture with the same quick adaptability.  It enables users to take advantage of all features of PLM software without having to overcome a steep learning curve or lose time.

Optimized global efficiency

A cloud-based PLM platform simplifies the implementation of digital continuity, which, in turn, helps optimize global efficiency and can help make continuous process improvement in manufacturing easy.

PLM in the cloud

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