Phygital – The Amalgamation of Physical and Digital Banking Services

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In today’s world, a mix of physical and digital entities at all critical interaction points is necessary to ensure a positive customer journey. Banks that can craft the right blend that effectively touches customer experience, operations, and delivery are most likely to thrive in a fast-changing world.

The Indian banking landscape is changing rapidly, and digitalization is driving that change. The Indian government is also aggressively promoting digital transactions with initiatives or policies such as Digital India. New age competitors with agile models and seamless customer experience are giving established banks a run for their money. Banks face a new paradigm where the definition of customer experience and the way customers interact with their bank is being refined. Hence, the first agenda item for many banks in India is digitization. Rising cost pressures and the need to improve efficiency have forced some banks to close branches. Although, human interaction remains the key to for banks to build trust, credibility and provide related advisory services. Some customer segments still depend on traditional banking methods and are only comfortable with face-to-face interactions. With customers split into different segments, banks require more than one delivery method or a hybrid approach to satisfy the needs of all. Banks are looking to reimagine the network and channels where customers interact and aim to make the interactions seamless to provide a frictionless experience. A hybrid approach that combines digital and personal interactions will create a more responsive and cost-effective distribution model.

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