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As we live in a connected world, business success thrives on the ability to be open.

Open to new opportunities, collaborations and business models – as and when they arise, not only as planned. But, just like the disappointment of finding yourself in an area without a decent network connection, point solutions are simply no longer enough. A real Technology Business needs real platforms. The ones that provide stakeholders with all the technical capabilities, connectivity, datasets and APIs they could possibly wish for. But let’s not stop there; offering more than what’s on the wish list is a real trick to Technology Business mastery.



• For new business relations
• For greater reach, internally and externally


Apply development objectives, which, compared to the current situation:
• Build on the collected analysis of key business relations
• Develop more ‘API bandwidth’ by defining new interfaces, and broadening the existing ones – for richer dialogues
• Establish a boundaryless flow of data between key stakeholders
• Create additional shared corporate intelligence
• Share assets to achieve leverage
• Build and leverage platforms for known and yet unknown needs


• BUSINESS RESULTS to be achieved from new and improved business links
• EXTENDED CAPABILITIES of technology platforms

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