Increase quality while lowering costs through Capgemini’s intuitive model based approach

As VisionPLUS® implementations grow in complexity and scope, they become increasingly difficult to develop, test and deploy. The direct and indirect costs associated with testing each release are constantly on the rise. To some degree, a reuse-oriented approach utilising a test repository can help contain testing costs and address complexity. However, the sheer number of scripts and their inter-dependencies make it hard to organise and use a test repository for VisionPLUS.

Capgemini’s Model Based Testing Workbench for VisionPLUS addressees these challenges head on. Model based testing is an attractive alternative to traditional test-script design because it employs a visual, non-linear approach. A model is used to describe the behavior of the system under various functional and data scenarios. The model can be adapted for each new release and then generate hundreds or thousands of test cases at the click of a button.