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The Future of IT M&A Podcast Series

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a regular part of business growth, especially among international firms. And yet, even as these deals continue to move forward at a rapid pace, many organizations haven’t considered re-examining their procedure considering technological progress. IT is key to guarantee M&A project success and value creation and must be considered as a strategic driver to meet financial targets.

Discover new ways for you to adapt and grow for the future in IT mergers & acquisitions. In this podcast series, we discuss the latest trends of IT in M&A projects. As businesses navigate for a post-COVID19 world, the deal making environment will materially change. Companies were starting to expand their definition of M&A to include partnerships, alliances, joint ventures that create long-lasting value, but the global pandemic has accelerated leaders’ needs to create more optionally for their organizations’ ecosystems.

Ep 1 The Importance of IT Due Diligence

Without proper IT due diligence pre- or at least post-merger, there is a huge risk that financial, compliance and legal issues will pop up. This can mitigate any synergy benefits or even undo an entire post-merger integration. With today’s business relying heavily on IT, it is key to focus on information systems and information management. In this episode, our experts explain the importance of IT Due Diligence bases on examples and insights.

 Ep 2 How to Best Implement Your IT Integration Strategy

IT integration is not an ordinary program management role but requires specific expertise. This is about both understanding the potential of the merger and understanding the options you have within IT and redesigning the architecture where needed. It’s common for executives to focus 1st on ‘what’s this acquisition bringing to my company, to transform my business. Yet, the question of how to (profitably) accelerate the asset acquired is just as important.  This question is about integration strategy. In this episode, our experts explain how leaders can ensure a well-planned strategy for a successful IT integration.

 Ep 3 Mastering IT Separation

De-merger projects that split up a firm to increase market visibility or operational flexibility must consider corporate restructuring. IT redesign has proven to support corporate restructuring activities, but how to master the complex separation of IT processes and systems needed? In this episode, our experts how to manage the IT separation process effectively and adapt to specific challenges of separation.


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Ludvig Daae

Ludvig Daae

Being the Director in IT in Mergers & Acquisitions, Ludvig supports IT leaders of global organizations to navigate through the complexity of IT in mergers and acquisitions. He has experience with all areas of large transactions from IT Due Diligence and IT integration to IT separation. He has advised IT leaders of many organizations in the financial services, industry and energy & utility sectors on how to approach IT in large M&A deals.

Parry Singh

Parry Singh

Parry is a Global Account Executive at Capgemini. He is recently engaged in executing programs viz. harmonising business processes, multi-cloud based headless (mini-channel) commerce across diverse B2B country markets, analytics driven digital marketing, integrated CX, business process overhaul with S/4 HANA, app-ification of plant maintenance, API first approach for interactions & functionally exchange b/w processes/org, and AI/ML ops driven use-cases in inventory, quality, and production.

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