The eGovernment Benchmark provides insight into the state-of-play of the implementation of digital public services in Europe. For this benchmark of eGovernment services is assessed in 33 participating countries, including all of the EU28. The assessment is done by Mystery Shoppers, who measure the quality and quantity of online public services by acting as a user.

Under review is a set of seven life events. Each life event is measured once every two years. In 2014, three life events were assessed: Starting up a business, Losing and finding a job, and Studying. These three life events have also been assessed in 2012, allowing to compare European progress over time for the first time.

This report presents the basic analysis of the study and a detailed overview of the measurement and this year’s life events. It is accompanied by an Insight Report, which provides the main insights stemming from the facts.

The study consists of four top-level benchmarks, covering important EU policy priorities:

  • User Centricity
  • Transparency
  • Cross Border Mobility
  • Key enablers