Electric Cars: At the tipping point?

Whether it be for economic, environmental, or political reasons, the future of the automobile is electric. But despite the many exciting technological breakthroughs in the field, this has not been reflected in sales figures. Why?

The challenge of accelerating the take-up of e-cars

Our Cars Online Trend Study investigates why consumers are currently hesitant about purchasing e-cars and what the industry needs to do in order to accelerate sales. Our report draws on a survey conducted in September 2018, together with the views of industry experts, and observations from Capgemini’s consulting experience. This report is one of a series of trend studies complementing our full Cars Online study, produced every two years.

Findings in brief:

Three areas were identified that automotive firms must address to remove the barriers to e-car sales.

  • OEMs need to provide better information to consumers. To do so, they need to understand how each consumer’s ownership experience will change when they switch to an electric car.
  • OEMs need to better equip, incentivize, and enable retailers with the right tools and content to offer the electric car and charging equipment that best meet each consumer’s mobility needs.
  • OEMs and retailers need to jointly adopt a more holistic view of the customer lifecycle, offering comprehensive services that minimize the risks associated with electric car ownership.

It all adds up to a radically new approach enabling the industry to respond to this step-change in the market. With sales of ICE cars affected by developments such as more stringent emission standards in the EU and widespread bans on diesel, it is vital that OEM investment in e-cars pays off.

This report provides pointers to help the industry make sure that happens.

Cars Online Trends Study...

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