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Ushering in a new era of Digital Engineering and Manufacturing

Exponential technology changes such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Pervasive Intelligence, “software defined,” and the physical and digital integration have shifted expectations regarding product functionality. Today, the way products and the services around them are designed, manufactured, and consumed is driving the evolution of business models and redefining value chains.

Solutions for the physical and digital worlds 

Capgemini’s Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services brings together deep domain expertise to lead the convergence of the physical and digital worlds through technology, engineering, and manufacturing expertise. Consulting, technology, and assets-led solutions enable global companies to unlock the true potential of their product portfolios and manufacturing efficiencies.

Capgemini offers a highly differentiated, comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions to meet the needs of convergence of disruptive technologies. Through global centers of expertise, we engage with you to build successful products, manufacturing operations, and services in an increasingly connected world. Our expertise in the core solution interventions is made scalable through our Rightshore® delivery model. 

LEADING the convergence of the physical and digital worlds through technology, engineering, and manufacturing expertise.

Capgemini has successfully delivered results across sectors. Our portfolio of offers helps shape industry trends including autonomous aircraft systems, connected vehicles, sustainable energy, intelligent healthcare, smart manufacturing, and hybrid infrastructure. Every aspect of product engineering, continued development, and manufacturing demands enhanced scrutiny and creative disruption.


Bill Philbin, VP, Data Protection, Data Retention and Software Defined Storage, HP Enterprise

"We value our partnership with Capgemini for many reasons: including our partnership model wherein we help each other to improve - creating a win-win for both companies; the transparent and high integrity in the interactions between our teams; and for the quality of the talent with its breadth and depth of technology expertise. In addition our relationship has grown over the last several years through the deployment of an outcome-based model, which we use for several of our projects. We find this model to be an important and beneficial aspect of our relationship going forward."

IP and Assets for accelerated solution delivery

Featured Solutions

  • AUTOPULSE Prognostic Asset Health Solution
  • X-IoT Devices and Cloud agnostic IoT platform leveraging open source technologies
  • ANDY 3D Immersive remote and on field assistance with 3D visualization, AR, VR and PLM integration

Featured Frameworks

  • PLM Integration Framework PLM – ERP integration for synchronized design and manufacturing
  • PredictEAP Predictive Engineering Analytics Platform for assets in operation
  • DFS (Design For Safety) Framework for organizational process alignment with Functional Safety Standards and ISO26262 Compliance

PDLC Accelerators

  • IPS3 Integrated Product Support & Sustaining Solution
  • Hybrid Test Automation Framework Automate UI testing for devices Linux, IOS, Windows, Android
  • PROVALUE Full lifecycle DevOps solution

Digital Engineering solutions that “Optimize the Old” and “Accelerate the New”

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

Our services help to steer your digital transformation journey to smart, connected products...

IoT and Connected Product

IoT and Connected Product

Driving the product-as-a-service economy

Smart Engineering

Smart Engineering

Leverage Next Generation Technologies for Core Engineering

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