Web Application Firewall

With estimates suggesting that more than 80% of security breaches take place at the application layer, protecting your web application servers is a strategic imperative.

Web Application Firewalls extend your network-based attacks to newer code-based attacks for greater security and compliance e.g. PCI DSS.

Identify and protect vulnerable applications

As enterprises continue to transform and disrupt with digital, the cyber threat is evolving. Firewalls protecting you against network-based attacks, and IPS Signatures that detect only known problems, are no longer enough. Today’s cybercriminal is equally at home making code-based attacks on your web applications. Organizations processing credit cards, or with sensitive and proprietary information, large internal and external applications, and business-critical applications, must fight back with Web Application Firewalls.

Detecting criminal behavior before it impacts your business

Web Application Firewalls bring together new web protection capabilities with traditional firewall technologies. They protect web-based applications from code-based attacks, and safeguard against application vulnerabilities in custom code and commercial platforms.

Capgemini has forged a global alliance partnership with Fortinet to bring its FortiWeb solution to the market in a unique packaged offer. This enables the digital enterprise to safeguard current and existing applications and meet compliance requirements for credit card processing (PCCI DSS). The technology is dynamic and adaptive to new threats. It automatically scans for “normal” behaviors to detect anomalies.

Security and engineering expertise for industrial systems

Capgemini has the global reach and the cybersecurity experts that you need to protect your web applications. We have further added to our strength by partnering with Fortinet, a leader in high performance cybersecurity solutions.

All our cybersecurity experts are trained on FortiWeb and can help you protect your company today and in the future. Our clients benefit from a significant reduction in manual processes, improved response time for vulnerability management, and a tool that blocks 99.85% of web attacks.

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