The surge in cybersecurity threats is well documented. Malware, data breach attacks, phishing exploits, ransomware, cryptojacking, and many other threats are on an upward spiral in sheer volume and level of sophistication. The reasons are also well documented: increased reliance on IT systems and decentralized data make enterprises more attractive and more vulnerable to criminal elements.

The question is, how can we stop these attacks in their tracks? How can we transform all of the intelligence that’s available about cyber threats into effective protection for the enterprise?

We’ve got a compelling answer for you. The Capgemini Threat Intelligence Service brings together the vital information you need to detect, assess, and defend against cyber attacks.

Threat intelligence requires a global perspective

Capgemini’s Threat Intelligence Service combines granular, continuously updated information about cyber threats with rigorous analysis by experts using AI, analytics, and automation. It detects threats quickly and accurately and delivers early warnings, alerts, and recommended actions for IT and end users–so they can respond effectively and prevent successful attacks.

Our threat intelligence is aggregated and analyzed by experts at our global, connected network of security operations centers (SOCs). The Threat Intelligence Service gives you access to :

  • Complete, accurate, up-to-date threat intelligence from many sources
  • Specialized intelligence such as dark web and social media hunting to help protect your brand
  • Sector-specific threat intelligence and cybersecurity expertise in your industry
  • Personalized services and on-call support

Comprehensive and integrated services

The Threat Intelligence Service is a core element of our overarching, end-to-end offerings in cybersecurity. We deliver Advisory Services addressing the full range of cybersecurity strategy, assessment, and deployment needs, as well as Managed Security Services covering your applications, networks, endpoints, data, end users, infrastructure, clouds, perimeters, and more, all with a range of service levels.

Capgemini aggregates a wide range of threat intelligence feeds to identify and stop attacks, including:

  • Vendor feeds from trusted suppliers and partners
  • Security forums that tap into the expertise of large communities of cybersecurity analysts
  • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and dozens of other popular social media platforms
  • Security events, which provide analysis of newly discovered attack vectors
  • Malware research from our own analysts as well as recognized, respected third-party sources
  • Sector-specific threat intelligence for virtually every industry
  • Specialized intelligence such as dark web and leaked credentials monitoring

Compelling Advantages:

Our ability to deliver comprehensive threat intelligence and cybersecurity capabilities results in multiple advantages that truly set us apart. These include:

  • Trusted advisor for complete, integrated solutions
  • Proven partner for consulting and managed security services
  • 4000+ cybersecurity professionals
  • Global network of Security Operations Centers
  • Single point of contact with connections to global suppliers
  • Business-focused approach with multiple positive outcomes

Get proactive. Contact Capgemini.

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