Industrial System Security Assessment

Increasingly sophisticated cyber threats put pressure on industrial system operators to deploy advanced cybersecurity measures.

Our Industrial System Security Assessment gives you a clear picture of your security maturity and makes key risk mitigation recommendations.

Gain a clear picture of your industrial systems security

Cyber attacks on critical industrial systems are a constant and evolving threat. Critical Systems Operators are expected not only to protect their systems, but to demonstrate their security status. This demands a clear picture of the level of risk at all times, as well as progress plans for ongoing mitigation. This isn’t easy with IT solutions that are not fully applicable to an industrial context. Cybersecurity policies must be adapted to cover industrial systems and operators need to expand from managing physical and technical safety (plant, people, etc) to include the management of cybersecurity.

Identifying and mitigating risks

Safeguarding the critical systems that underpin modern life is essential. Our Industrial System Security Assessment offers clients a global perspective on their cybersecurity maturity. This highlights the critical sub-systems and their technical architecture, on which we perform risks analyses. The impact of attack scenarios is determined by the vulnerabilities identified. We define a risk mitigation strategy that improves the security setup, including a progress plan (priorities, budget, make or buy, gap analysis with legal constraints) to build and maintain mature security solutions with leading best practices.

Experienced in industrial systems security

Capgemini has Europe’s biggest team of cybersecurity experts specialized in industrial systems. We evaluate and help to protect some of Europe’s most high profile critical systems, from power and utilities networks to government facilities, airports and industrial plants. With four years’ experience in this vitally important area of cybersecurity, we have the right mix of security and engineering expertise to define clear roadmaps and secure our clients’ industrial systems.

Find new ways to Control & Secure your Assets.

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