Lean Prototyping: Demo and Preparation to scale

“Capgemini and the AIE have helped us plot a roadmap to a digital version of theory test that is both realistic and achievable."
Alex Fiddes, DVSA

Rapid prototyping enables to enterprises to bring innovations to life in a low-risk environment to test and interrogate their feasibility and value. Ultimately, this leads to one of three main organizational outcomes: deploy, pivot or reject the innovation. This provides this a basis for critical decision-making from a position of knowledge and increased certainty.

From possibility to proof

During a 2-week sprint, Capgemini takes enterprises on a journey from possibility to proof. The Lean Prototyping: Demo and Preparation to Scale service investigates the workings of an innovation from multiple angles while generating organizational momentum at the same time:

  • User perspective: user testing and rigorous gathering and application of feedback
  • Stakeholder consideration and buy-in: internal marketing package and startup style deck and pitch
  • Learning and critical decision-making: demo day
  • Business impact and value: detailed funding plan
  • Enterprise readiness: plans and tools for rollout and scaling the solution

As a result, organizations are well equipped to arrive at an outcome and act upon it, fast.


Bringing innovation to life

“The core of successful applied innovation is the ability to test at speed and make informed decisions as a result.”
Frank Wammes, Innovation Lead, Europe, Capgemini


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